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“This is one of those books composed with fluid and vivid writing that manages to transport the reader straight into the book and that surely, if you are a lover of the genre, I cannot help but recommend!” 
~ Net Galley Review


Her name personifies disaster. Her deed unleashed all evil. Now, her story is told.


Pandora lives a quiet life on the idyllic island of Lemnos until the eyes of the Olympian gods fall on her. Plucked from the comforts of home, she must concede to their wishes and wed the immortal Titan, Epimetheus. In honor of their marriage, the gods present her with a jar full of blessings. However, gifts from the gods do not come without a price. While Pandora builds a fulfilling life with Epimetheus, her divine jar captures the interest of his brother, Prometheus. When greater forces wield Pandora as a pawn in power games between Titan and Olympian, she struggles to protect all that she cherishes. But can the resolve of one woman overcome the will of the gods?

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