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Reading has always been a passion for me, but I came to writing later in life. After graduating NYU, I worked 10+ years in the pharm industry. When I became a mom, writing became my creative outlet.

My first book, Not Every Girl, was the result, and voila, I became an author. My books are a blend of fantasy and adventure with a splash of romance. Each one features a strong female main character because, well, girls kick butt IMO.

Today, you can find me in a chaotic house full of boys and pets (2 cats, one dog). When I find some free time, I devour all things Fantasy and love discussing books, movies, & shows with fellow fanatics.

Some may see Fantasy as purely escapism, but for me, I've found a world of diversity, inclusion, and kindness, both in the artistic works and the people who love them. My favorite part of the journey so far has been connecting with you all!


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